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The United States is divided into four Time Districts: Eastern Standard Time, Central Daylight Time, Mountain Standard Time, and Pacific Standard Time.

When traversing the nation, you should be careful to account for time differences between states, or your arrivals and departure times will be inaccurate: The possibilities of missed airline flights, missing prearranged timed appointments, cancelled rooms if late arrival and no guarantee of payment, etc. 

To compound one’s confusion, the entire nation, with the exception of Hawaii, moves clocks AHEAD or FORWARD one hour from March 11 at 2:00 a.m. until Sunday, November 4 at 2:00 a.m., when the time clocks are SET BACK one hour.


You should carefully check the time zones of each nation to which you will be traveling.

Adaptation of Daylight Savings time varies by nation, Europe adjusts Daylight Savings Time later than the U.S.  Some nations do not recognize Daylight Savings Time and observe normal hours year round.




NEW YORK: 12:00 NOON               JOHANNESBURG: 19:00

AMSTERDAM: 18:00               LOS ANGELES: 9:00

ATHENS: 19:00                  LONDON:  17:00

AUCKLUND: 5:00 The following morning               MADRID:  18:00

BANGKOK: 0.00                   MELBOURNE:  3:00 The following morning

BEJIING:    1:00 The following morning               MEXICO CITY: 11:00

BERLIN: 18:00                    MONTREAL: 12:00

BUENOS AIRES: 14:00                  MOSCOW: 20:00

CAIRO: 19:00                   OSLO: 18:00

CALCUTTA: 22:30               PARIS: 18:00

CHICAGO: 11:00               PHOENIX: 10:00

GENEVA: 18:00               RIO de JANIERO: 14:00

HAVANA: 12:00               ROME: 18:00

HO CHI MINH: 0.00               SEOUL: 2:00 The following morning

HONG KONG: 1:00 The following morning;               SINGAPORE: The following morning      

HONOLULU: 7:00               SYDNEY: 3:00 The following morning

ISTANBUL: 19:00               TEL AVIV:                               19:00

                                      TORONTO:  12:00

                                       TOKYO:   2:00

                                      VIENNA:   18:00