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When budgeting your travel budget, check out the-up to the minute currency exchange rates on the Universal Currency Exchange website: Other helpful currency exchange conversion calculation websites are:  and  If you are planning to travel overseas, notify your credit card companies in advance, that you intend to use their card in your travels, so that they will not mistakenly deny authorization of charges. In-place security precautions may, otherwise, void a new unexplainable destination as uncharacteristic of your past charge activities. Some currency conversion fees add 3-4% to the cost of a purchase.

Use of credit cards for overseas travel, while convenient, may also be expensive based on conversion fees. Inquire beforehand so that you will not have unpleasant surprises when your credit card statement arrives in the mail.

Examine the practicality of purchasing a prepaid debit card. It is preferable to use of Travelers Checks, a dinosaur of the past, and gradually growing in disfavor due to forgeries. Debit cards are also easier to replace when reported stolen: Keep a record of the number!

With the introduction of the Euro currency, the hassle and cost of constantly changing currency between countries, has been greatly minimized. It has also virtually eliminated returning stateside with unused foreign currency only to languish in your desk!

Whenever your travels encounter the necessity of currency conversion, exchange only at “Bureau of Change” kiosks, banks, or at the hotel desk. Do not lose perspective that the Dollar fluctuates DAILY like a yo-yo.

A safe and convenient alternative to carrying cash and incurring belated conversion fees by the credit card company is to purchase Prepaid Credit Cards.

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