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     Many hotel and resort rates are capacity controlled or are quoted according to holiday, special event or festival, prime, shoulder, and off-seasons. It is often advantageous to time your city visits for weekends, as many downtown hotel properties that cater to business travel during the week, offer attractive weekend discounts to leisure travelers.  Conversely, your costs will probably be less at resort properties by avoiding weekend stays. Popular travel times and maximum reserved lodging capacity translates into room shortage and higher room tariffs.If you intend to fly, check with the airlines for the least expensive days and flight times to your destination.  Considerable cost savings is often realized by heeding this advice. If possible, try to avoid Holiday periods, when airline and rental auto rates are traditionally the most expensive.  Traditionally severe weather periods to avoid, (hurricanes, tornadoes, rainy or snow seasons, (unless you are a skier), excessive heat or cold periods will also be so noted. Weather is unpredictable-one can only play heed to past weather patterns and hope for the best.




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You may find the following websites helpful when shopping for lodging:








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Trip Advisor:

Travelzoo: - boutique hotels - pick the perfect room - reviews - reviews


Rental of Private Homes or Condominiums:


Timeshare Rentals:






Swap Homes:


Luxe Home Swap


Hotel Reviews:


Often times you can secure the lowest lodging rates by phoning lodging properties directly yourself.  Don’t fall into the trap of automatically thinking that internet lodging services are always necessarily a bargain.  The internet booking services are not non-profit, nor are they assisting you out of the goodness of their hearts.  By calling a hotel directly, you may not only save, but receive a complimentary upgrade in room amenities.  It’s not unheard of to be upgraded to a suite during off-peak periods.  Always mention your hotel loyalty membership number.

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1.           If calling yourself, your best option is NOT to call the Toll Free telephone number, but rather to  call the Hotel’s local reservation desk number.  Spending a few cents on the telephone call may save your dollars in the room rate. 

2.            Never call during morning hours or on weekends.  Invariably, you will be quoted a lower rate during afternoon or evening hours.  Calling shortly after 6:00 p.m. is often opportune.

3.            Avoid major conventions and major events and festivals dates if you wish to secure a reasonable rate.

4.            Try negotiating a rate.  The worse that the reservationist can say is “no.”

5.            When booking, always request a confirmation number and guarantee your arrival with a credit card.  If you wish to cancel, get a cancellation number.


Regardless of price, the one aspect of vacation lodging you absolutely do not want to sacrifice is cleanliness.  You may find the following websites helpful in invoking applying the “white-glove test”.

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BED BUGS: They’ve gone buggy all over you!


Bedbug Registry:

 Bed bugs love to travel - they too pride themselves on being seasoned travelers.  They do not discriminate on their preferences for residing.  They are present in all states and manage to both exist and thrive worldwide.  Their numbers are alarmingly increasing rather than diminishing.

Do you wish to become infested and bring one home as a pet?  Bed bugs easily can get into your luggage and clothing, and presto, you not only shared a room with them on vacation, but they liked you so well they accompanied you HOME!  The pesky critters tend to overstay and are not easily eradicated, so why knowingly invite them in the first place?  The Bed Bug Registry is not an honor most lodging properties actively covet.  Multiple incidents reports?  You may wish to look elsewhere for your choice of lodging. 

Adverse publicity of an infestation of bed bugs rivals incidents of Legionnaire’s disease as a guaranteed business reservation killer.  You do not necessarily have to get down and dirty at the Twitching Eye Motel or Scratchey’s Inn to encounter these pesky devils.  Even the best of the world’s snooty high-end hotels and resorts are not immune from these uninvited guests.  You’re not even save in a supposed sterile hospital.   



Egad:  the pesky little critters are being discovered literally everywhere, even the Empire State Building, the Ronald Reagan Building in D.C. and the prestigious Lincoln Center in New York City!   Nothing like opera or ballet with free bedbugs thrown in as a take-home memento.  That will teach you not to purchase the cheap seats!!


Man successfully eradicated the pesky buggers several decades ago.  The do-gooders and environmentalists, however, succeeded in banning the use of the bedbugs arch enemy, pesticides including DDT.  Presto, THEY’RE BACK!  The bedbugs are microscopic Draculas that thrive on your blood.  They can survive for an entire year without food, but when they spot you - it’s feast time!  Have a nice night’s rest and don’t let the bedbugs bite.


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