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Hurry and Wait.

Frankfurt, Germany, 2016:  Passengers waiting in a row for boarding on an airline to a flight to America.

RobertHoetink - Copyright

Flying is such a chore.  In most instances, considerable time is spent in driving to and from the airport.  Once there, unless you traveled by taxi or bus, or were dropped off by a friend, family or business associate, you are faced with the chore and expense of parking.  You lug your bags from the parking lot, only to have to stand in a line for baggage and ticket check-in.  You were told that you must be at the airport an hour and a half to two hours prior to your flight time.


You then proceed, this time to patiently stand in the slow moving security line only to be zapped by x-rays and/or fondled by over-zealous security screeners.


Once you have been given permission to put your shoes back on, and have retrieved your personal possessions from the security x–ray belt, and then given clearance through security, the trek begins to your distant gate, either a long walk and/or a crowded train.  Lucky you have finally arrived at the flight’s assigned gate, only to be greeted by ANOTHER long line of passengers.  Much to your dismay, all of the gate seats are taken, so you are left to remain standing awaiting the flight’s posted departure time.  Just when you thought you “had it made,” the gate attendant announces that your inbound flight has been delayed, which, of course,  will affect your scheduled departure time.


Hours later, you finally arrive at your intended destination - you guessed it, minus your lost suitcase!


Altogether, getting to and from the airports, airport waiting time, and actual flight times, your one-hour flight ended up consuming over seven hours of your day!  Small wonder that people are increasingly choosing to return to bus travel for inter-city travel, particularly on the U.S. East Coast.


City to city bus travel is booming off the chart.  Convenient, curbside pickup is provided rather than operating from bus stations.  Inter-city bus travel between New York City and Washington, D.C.; Los Angeles and San Francisco.  Complimentary Newspapers, breakfast, snacks and beverages are served.  Surprisingly, the service is most popular with the 18 - 30 age group of students, women, and young professionals.