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Never, ever, have an exposed name identity label attached to your suitcase.  Invest in name tags where the identity of the leather tag is covered and accessed only in the event of emergency.  Crooks love to peruse name tags identifying travelers’ names and addresses, particularly when you are lined up for a flight to an international destination.  This activity is most prominent during “red-eye” travel times.


Always have a copy of your name and address contact INSIDE the suitcase.


Always pack your heaviest items in the bottom of your luggage: books, alarm clock, breakables, portable iron, shoes, etc.  Layering clothing atop these items prevents the heavier items from moving within the suitcase and provides extra protection against breakage.


If you enjoy reading while on vacation, think seriously about packing several books in your luggage.  The books’ weight will seriously contribute to the 50 pound limitation.  Hardback books can be heavy.  Instead, pack them in your carry-on.


To avoid paying to check a second bag, many travelers mistakenly cram more items into their sole piece of luggage.  BAD MISTAKE!  You will more than likely be assessed an overweight charge that will more than exceed the cost of having checked the second bag!


Carry your passport but place a photocopy of your passport inside the suitcase.


Button shirts before packing.  Only fold clothes at the waist and seams to minimize wrinkling.  Place dry cleaner plastic bags around the clothes


Use lightweight canvas or nylon bags.


Don’t waste space.  If packing shoes, place socks inside the shoes, as well as corners of the suitcase.


If taking more than one suitcase, distribute shirts or blouses, pants or skirts, socks, underwear, sleepwear evenly between the two, so if one suitcase is lost or delayed, you are not completely clothes-less.


Never pack medication, jewelry, valuables, passport, or money.  Pack shaver, toothbrush and paste in carry-on duffel bag.


Do not attempt to carry liquids in excess of 3 oz. aboard your flight.  Pack perfume, cologne or after-shave in qt. sized sealed baggies.  Triple check that the lids are secure and not leaking!  Security personnel have some mighty expensive French perfume at home.