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July 14, 2016:  Airline passengers waiting in line to pass through airport security at

Pierre Eliott Trudeau airport.

DoucetPh - Copyright


Snicker!  Ready for a big laugh?  Captured Taliban, Isis, etc., etc. have more rights than you, the humble air passenger.


Flight Cancellations Due To:

1.            Mechanical problems.  Forget it.  Seldom do the airlines fess up to this being the true cause of cancellation, and besides, do you really want to knowingly board a “faulty” plane?  The substituted explanation: “Destination airport “fogged in” or flight delays - arriving aircraft not allowed to land.”  If mechanical, the airlines are supposed to provide overnight lodging and get you on the next available flight.

2.            Weather Delay or Cancellation: Zippo compensation.

3.            Delays: Passage on the next available flight - good luck!  Delays translated often is, “low passenger load - next flight!”  If you are lucky, you’ll be offered a snack.

4.            Lost or Damaged Baggage: Domestic U.S. flights: the airline’s liability is limited to a paltry $3,300 per passenger, less on International flights.

5.            Bumped involuntarily due to airline overbooking?  You are entitled to a cash payment of 200% of the one-way fare up to a maximum of $650.00 if your new flight will arrive one - two hours later than original.  If longer than two hours, you are entitled to 400% up to a maximum of $1,300.00.  You do not need to accept a voucher offered by the airline - a cheap way out by the airline.