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Airplane overhead storage bins were never intended as a substitute for checked baggage in the plane’s underbelly.  Matter of fact, each cabin storage bin must be shared by six passengers.  It doesn’t help that most planes are running full passenger loads.


Carry-on luggage abuse has gotten totally out of hand.  Most business travelers, understandably, do so as a convenience to avoid lengthy waits in baggage retrieval areas.  Some inconsiderate buffoons, however, literally try to cram mini-trunks into the overhead bins.  Invariably, the passengers who checked their luggage are the ones to suffer when their coat, hat, or personal belongings are crushed unmercifully beneath the onslaught of heavy carry-on pile-on.  Airlines thankfully are cracking down and restricting both size and the number of carry-ons.  The carry-ons also become a serious safety issue in the event of steep descent or aircraft emergency: flying items from the overhead bins become lethal flying projectiles.


Some airlines, more concerned with revenue, rather than safety and comfort, have begun charging for carry-ons.  The more reasonable solution is to limit size and restrict carry-ons to one free item other than a purse or baby-service bag.  Carry on convenience is not designed as a mechanism to avoid check-in baggage fees.  Inconsiderate passengers with bulky carry-ons delay aircraft boarding and orderly passenger deplaning.


Never place valuables in carry-on luggage.  Adept thieves steal even from overhead bins.


One must wonder how Southwest Airlines in their overall efficiencies and low prices can manage to be profitable when other airlines with higher fares and exorbitant add-on fees, are losing money.