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Some people simply eat to live, whereas others live to eat.  If you routinely gravitate to fast food restaurants and buffet garbage pits, you are probably perfectly content to find similar establishments on vacation.  If so, save your time and read no further.


Others, however, seek out the uniqueness of cuisine of the locality that they are visiting.  A case in point: Savvy travelers would not seek out the best fried chicken shack in Fairbanks, in the presence of freshly caught king crab, salmon or halibut.  One could reasonably expect a superior prime steak meal in the U.S. Midwest or West rather than Haiti.  The best Tex-Mex is more likely to be found in Texas than Maine.  The best barbecue is found in Kansas City, Memphis, Texas, or South Carolina rather than Mexico City.  Culinary tourism is exploding throughout the world.  Dining on vacation can be a highlight of your vacation, or an afterthought.  The choice is yours.


Savvy Travel Decisions has listed a number of regional dining experiences under “Tasty Dining.”  Their inclusions are based on either an outstanding preparation of a regional specialty, exceptional comfort dining, unusual or themed décor, an unexpected, worth-a-detour meal, and a special dining experience not to miss - not necessarily criteria consistent, combinable, or compatible with each other.  In most instances, we have avoided “expense account dining” listings. 



Visit and peruse the superb Stern’s series of dining guides.  This is a fun website and read.  Subscribe and realize valuable additional benefits.  You’ll discover a multitude of obscure and remote one-of-a-kind home cooking and specialty restaurants.  The Stern’s have scoured the country for decades and definitely know their stuff when it comes to the very best funky and memorable dining experiences!


Visit as it is helpful in both cities and smaller locales.  The user forum discusses “the best of local specialty dining.”  The site provides minimal detail, but nevertheless, is a worthwhile resource.


Http:// offers excellent individual guides, which provide worldwide coverage with an emphasis on major cities and resort areas.  Membership provides valuable information access enhancements.  It also offers nightlife and rated hotel listings.


Ratings are based on the consensus surveys of actual diners who have patronized the restaurant or lodging in question.  Professional local restaurant critics, however, nominate their favorites for inclusion.  Emphasis is on pricier dining and lodging.  

Thrillist:  Publishes dining recommendations by cuisine. 

The Daily Meal:  Nationwide restaurant lists. 


Http:// is great for out-of-the way places and listings of local favorites nationwide, including smaller locales.


Visit as Chow has detailed listings of regional, city, and worldwide dining.


Http:// is the site of “Gayot, the Good Life Traveler,” an interesting site listing top restaurants nationwide by food item (i.e. best hamburger, best steak, best seafood etc.) and a lengthy list of dining venues in the major cities.


Http:// is one of the newer and more reliable sites for the latest United States restaurant happenings.


Visit, as Sally’s Place has extensive lists and reviews of major United States city dining. 

Food Trucks in major cities around the world are becoming increasingly popular as a fun luncheon choice for both local residents and tourists.  No longer of the “roach-coach” (ma made the night-before, cellophane wrapped sandwich, choice-construction site genre), many food trucks now offer high quality fare and provide an excellent introduction into sampling local and regional cuisine.  Rather than be all things to all people, the better food trucks tend to specialize in a given item:  burgers, barbecue, hot dogs, waffles, vegetarian, cheese sandwiches, and ethnic cuisine.

The difficulty for locals and visitors alike is tracking down the whereabouts of a food truck on any given day.  Most plop down for the duration of the luncheon hour at a given site, but move to other sites on other days.