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SAVVY TRAVEL DECISIONS exists expressly for your travel enjoyment.

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SAVVY TRAVEL DECISIONS exists expressly for your travel enjoyment; whether you are utilizing Savvy Travel Decisions listings to plan a forthcoming vacation or simply perusing the website as an armchair traveler, we hope that you find the site informative and entertaining to peruse as a viewer and that you will return often.

No attempt has been made to be either encyclopedic or comprehensive in coverage. The information provided is both selective and subjective-You will not find every worthwhile locale or sightseeing attraction listed, nor will you necessarily always agree with our recommendations. The site is a work-in-progress, and is updated constantly with new or revised travel advice and hints and tips. 

SAVVY TRAVEL DECISIONS does not sell consumer travel products: airline tickets, lodging, cruises, or tours. Advertising on our website does not influence our opinions or comments nor guarantee inclusion. 

Savvy Travel Decisions first lists nations, regions and then cities. Within each locale, you will find REQUIRED ENTRY DOCUMENTATION, CURRENCY, LANGUAGE, MAJOR HOLIDAYS, MAJOR EVENTS & FESTIVALS, THE BEST TIME TO VACATION, VACATION TIMES TO AVOID, MAJOR CONVENTIONS ( in Select Cities), PEAK, SHOULDER, & OFF SEASONS; TIME ON YOUR HANDS (recommended sightseeing), WINDOW SHOPPING IN----( shopping information); TASTY DINING IN---------(outstanding regional cuisine or unique-one-of-a-kind restaurants); A NIGHT ON THE TOWN IN--------(local nightlife); and IN SEARCH OF A GOOD NIGHTS REST (lodging recommendations in select locales). Use of the aforementioned travel information should enable you to plan your vacation for maximum enjoyment based on your personal interests, time constraints, and financial budget.



Bernard D. Venom is a gourmand, international traveler, travel writer, & restroom maintenance engineer. Mr. Venom has seen Russia from a prime Alaskan vantage point personally selected by Sarah Palin, as well as firsthand having witnessed unconsumed soup and dinner entrees being recycled from one diner’s plate to another at the Hotel Moscow in the then, Leningrad,-a dining room with no garbage disposal or garbage cans!.

He is particularly proud that he has never held elective office, is beholden to no one except his bride, or spent one dime of your tax dollars gallivanting around the world.

Bernard Venom is a seasoned shopper having purchased many a“Rolax” (Rolex) and “an occasional bargain-steal Patek Philippe” (with Timex parts) from “Dockside Freddy’s Trench Coat Emporium,” as the ship’s whistle blew and the cruise ship was about to sail.  

Mr. Venom has spent the past thirty years as a travel agent, tour company administrator for several major tour companies and, more recently, as owner-operator of his own international tour company. He has published a number of award-winning travel articles, including “Photographing the Taj Mahal on a Hazy, Polluted Day Before Noon,” “Endangered Romantic Bridges around the World from Which to Leap,” and “Beat It! A Selective Guide to Ward Off and Shortchange Pesky Panhandlers,” for subscription travel newsletters Ah-hum! (3).

He is a Graduate of the Huntington Academy of Psychological Travel, has a Post-graduate degree in The Necessary but Preferred Sacrifices Incurred in Enduring Minimalistic Green/Eco Tourism, and a PhX in “Do It Right or Stay Home if You’re Searching for a Savings Plan.”

He was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1997 for his controversial field study and feature article on whether a human can outrun a bear, and timing how fast one must swim when confronted by a piranha. Not one to avoid controversy, and perhaps in character with his unique name, Savvy Mr. Venom is known for his outspoken, often times pithy, provocative remarks, that tend to add spice and bite to his writings. Oh yes, and maybe even an intermittent laugh!

Dr. Zelda T Venom (nepotism, you know), Senior Typist. Responsible fur all misspelllings%#-grammers & punkuation^*)--,____) also, sentence struture and pro0f reaAding!  Maggie cum laudy, Honor Ph-Z Degree from the War on Opportunity Academy.

Our Little Tuffy

Sir Tuffino “Tuffy” Y.Venom: Chief of Security and Public Relations Czar.  Small, but mighty.  Ferocious, intimating bark.  Known for his “crunching ankle caresses.”

Looie B. “The Cruncher” Venom, cousin to Tuffino, is the newest Savvy staff addition.  Looie, his nickname is “Mousie,” is best described as tenacious.  An affable fellow, Looie is also a quick learner.  A worst kept secret is that he can easily bribed as he enjoys having his belly rubbed on occasion.  He is currently in training to spell Tuffino’s P.R. efforts.  He also will be in charge of all accounts receivables and collections. 

As Savvy Travel grows and begins to unravel the "mess" related to the "cat photos" that somehow took the place of our previous, inspiring, informative photos, Bernard Venom has decided to hire a "Head of Photography" to keep things running smoothly and to forego any "messes" such as the above-mentioned.   We are happy to announce that Charlie Photos, a great guy, is now our Head of Photography.